Name Wishberry
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Vision To discover & empower creative ideas originating out of India and to put India on the creative map of world
Year 2009
Company type For-profit
Sector Finance,Other
Region of operation
Headquarters address 102, Mathatru Arcade, Subhash Road, Ville Parle, Mumbai Country: India Zip: 400057
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Target problem There is limited funding to pursue innovation and creativity in India. Especially if the venture has no connect whatsoever with technology and the internet, moreover, there is a lack of transparency and accountability with the use of funds for a purely creative project.
Key product / Service Wishberry, the rewards-based crowdfunding platform, is the only one in India that caters strictly to creative projects such as film, music, theater, design, etc.
Team size 10-50
Number of beneficiaries
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Funding round Angel
Total funding raised
NameRoundAmount RaisedType of FundingAnnounced OnWeb URL
Rajan AnandanAngel2017/01/25http://techcircle.vccircle.com/2017/01/25/crowdfunding-platform-wishberry-raises-pre-series-a-funding/
Alok MittalAngel2017/01/25http://techcircle.vccircle.com/2017/01/25/crowdfunding-platform-wishberry-raises-pre-series-a-funding/
Venkat S RajuAngel2017/01/25http://techcircle.vccircle.com/2017/01/25/crowdfunding-platform-wishberry-raises-pre-series-a-funding/
Sharad SharmaAngel2017/01/25http://techcircle.vccircle.com/2017/01/25/crowdfunding-platform-wishberry-raises-pre-series-a-funding/
Sharad SharmaAngel2015/01/20https://www.vccircle.com/crowdfunding-platform-wishberry-completes-650k-seed-funding-round/
Rajan AnandanAngel2015/01/20http://www.vccircle.com/news/technology/2015/01/20/crowdfunding-platform-wishberry-completes-650k-seed-funding-round
Business details Moving away from the DIY (Do it yourself) model of crowdfunding platforms, they actively guide project creators on pitching and selling their ideas.

Their coaches help project creators pitch their ideas to online communities in exchange for exclusive rewards and recognition. Wishberry charges a fee (less than 10% of amount raised) for providing its platform, coaching and other help. This focus on training creators on communication, social marketing and stringent project curation has been a tremendous success in the Indian market.

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