To complement instructor-led training for underprivileged communities, helping adults from low-income groups to learn English and improve employability.




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Region of operation

India and USA

Headquarters address

Microsoft Accelerator JNR City Center, 30, Raja Rammohan Roy Road Bengaluru, Karnataka Country: India Zip: 560001

Target problem

In India, 12 million people are added to the workforce every year. However, it is estimated that around 50% of those people are unemployable due to lack of English language and cognitive skills. People form low-income backgrounds attending English language training programs don't have access to resources for practicing English during their day-to-day lives. Without regular practice, language learning is not effective.

Key product / Service

'Mobile education platform' -The application works on basic feature phones as well as smartphones, there is no download or data connection required - 75% of the 400M cellphones in India are feature phones. -A mobile app that works on any type of mobile phone — feature phones and smartphones. Students simply call a number to initiate a session. There is no download or data connection required. -A web-based Learning Management System allows instructors to track their students' scores and progress, review students' responses and send them feedback via SMS or voice messages.

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Business details

Vahan is a mobile education platform designed to complement instructor-led training. It has been successfully piloted with classroom-based English language programs in the U.S. and India. Vahan provides students with a low-cost, easily accessible mobile application that they can use to practice what they’re learning in the classroom, outside it. Vahan helps students maximize learning outcomes, making it more effective than mobile education apps that are intended solely for use as standalone solutions. The target is to solve skill gap problem in India and reach out 15 million learners by 2020. This will help them find employment in high growth sectors such as retail, hospitality, beauty and wellness etc. where English proficiency is important.

Partners and key clients

The YMCANYC ,Fifth avenue committee, OBT jobs (Opportunities for a better tomorrow) , Union settlement





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