Name Shelter Associates
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Company type Non-profit
Sector Sanitation
Region of operation Maharastra
Headquarters address Flat A/17, Sarasnagar Siddhivinayak Society, Swargate, Pune, Maharashtra Country: India Zip: 411042
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Target problem Shelter Associates and 'Baandhani' have worked together on access to sanitation since 2000, and have successfully implemented innovative projects in the cities of Pune, Sangli & Miraj, and in Khuldabad in the Aurangabad district. Community toilets have been built in Sangli & Miraj which include accommodation for a caretaker and a biogas system which converts the gases generated by the human excrement into a usable energy source for the caretaker and a few families in the communities.

Projects:- City-wide slum sanitation project, Pune (2013 - 2016) Community toilet block project, Pune (1999 - 2000) and Sangli & Miraj (2001 - 2002) Individual toilet project, Pune (2010 - Present)

Key product / Service Community Toilet projects
Team size 51-100
Number of beneficiaries 10000
Awards and recognition
  • Amazing Indian’s: India on the rise (Times Now 2011)
  • Ashoka Entrepreneurs for the Public Fellowship Award (2009)
  • Google Earth Hero (Google 2009)
  • New Asian Hero’s (Strait Times 2007)

Funding and Operating Model

Funding round Angel
Total funding raised
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Business details The organisation aims to improve the conditions within informal settlements by empowering communities to pursue their right to dignity by: (1) creating intelligent data that can be used for negotiation with the government; (2) assembling into large groups to advocate for improved delivery of essential services like water and sanitation; (3) inclusive and city-wide planning approaches for equitable distribution of resources and security of tenure; and (4) initiating livelihood projects.
Partners and key clients Partners:- Google,Darsa,Hexagon Geospatial,Intergraph, Friends of shelter Associates.

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