Living Greens Organics Pvt Ltd

To grow organic vegetables on every roof and to convert every building into a living green building, thus generating tha largest number of urban carbon credits in the world.




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583-584 Nirman Nagar AB King's Road Country: India

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"We have embarked on a journey to achieve the following objectives: - To enable 1000 homes in all large cities of the country to grow their own fresh organic vegetables. - By creating these “1000 Organic Homes” we wish to create ORGANIC COMMUNITIES which consists of houses which not only grow their own organic veg but also exchange their fresh produce with each other. - To enable each rooftop farmer to generate carbon credits. - Implement public-private partnership models with the government to enable unemployed urban youth to become Urban Organic Farmers."

Key product / Service

"Our organization is leveraging technology for scaling impact in the following manner: - Creating a Virtual Training Center in which citizens, anywhere in the country, can be trained to organically grow their own fresh vegetables on their rooftops. - Creating Online Training Center for regularly training the franchisees (and their teams). - Making a paper-less office and empowering all team members with real-time information. - Reaching out to existing clients through online medium for not just educating them regularly but also for connecting them with each other with the purpose of making online organic communities."

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"Three years hence, I see my organization achieve the following milestones – 1. Become the largest Urban Farming company in India. 2.Aggregate the largest rooftop farming area under our brand. 3. Establish successful Franchisee operations in 20 cities of the country. 4. Become one of the leading Green Wall companies in the country. 5. Reach an annual turnover of Rs. 25 crores. 6. Establish a model for generating carbon credits from rooftop farming. 7. Implement public-private partnership models with the government to enable unemployed urban youth to become Urban Organic Farmers."

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Prateek Tiwari is an Agricultural Engineer and a Masters in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. He has worked at the helm of many greenfield projects in companies like Reliance Fresh, ITC and Walmart. He specializes in Organic Farming of vegetables, supply chain of fresh produce and new business development. Affected by the slew of deaths in his family because of cancer, he left his cushy job at Walmart to research and develop a product which could be installed on the roof by any citizen in any city to grow his/her own fresh organic vegetables.



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