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Headquarters address

11/1 2nd Main Road, 14th C cross Rajajinagar Industrial Town, Bangalore Country: India Zip: 560079

Target problem

80% of Indian farmers own less than 5 acre lands and rely on manual labour. With increased rural migration, labour has become very expensive. Also, not many labourers are available in the rural areas for the same reason. The farmers cannot afford high-end farm machines.This has led to farming getting less profitable for small and medium farmers.

Key product / Service

Simple cost effective farm-equipments

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Awards and recognition

  • Kamal Kisan featured by Unitus Seed Fund at the Sankalp Unconventional Summit 2014
  • Kamal Kisan featured at Chai With Lakshmi
  • "To the rescue of farmers” – Banglore Mirror

Funding and Operating Model

Funding round


Total funding raised

$ 7500

Business details

The model is simple.The company manufactures low-cost simple farm equipment. The equipment are such that there is no need to change the current style of farming in order to use it. The equipment are marketed through various rural service centres. Kamal Kisan’s sugarcane planter is the first of its kind. It enables farmers to plant one acre of cane in three hours with just three people. Its mini rice mill can convert up to 80 kg of paddy into unpolished rice. Most farmers are skeptical about agricultural implements because of their past experiences. The challenge is to convince them to try the service. The enterprise aims to reach 50,000 farmers by this years. It also has many core farm equipment under development stage like Cotton Harvester, Potato and Legume Harvester, Vegetable and Fruit Transplanter, Coconut Harvester, Sugarcane Transplanter and Harvester

Partners and key clients

Incubaters and Investors: 1. Villgro 2. IIT Madras 3. Unitus Seed Fund