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Hope and Happiness

To provide completely customized assistive technology products for people with autism at affordable prices




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New Delhi Country: India

Target problem

People with autism learn much slowly than typically developing people as well as have major difficulties in attention, social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and have repetitive behaviours. It is extremely hard for them to look at the world the same way we do. They face several sensory issues where they are either lesser or over-reactive to sensory stimulus, making them struggle with regular motor skills, transitions, organisation, memory and emotional control. Autism has been on a rise in India with incidence of 1 in 66 people. Therapy, medication and special products are the three imperatives for development of people with autism. These products are either unavailable or are sold at very high costs and subpar quality in the market.

Key product / Service

Hope and Happiness leverages scale and technical expertise to cheaply manufacture high quality customized and on-demand products while employing the financially underprivileged and physically disabled community for multilevel advantage of the society. These products deal with the specified issues improving sensory integration, building functional skills, or solving common problems for those with autism. They help focusing and calming down and fine-tune motor skills. With the usage of these products, the kids can turn from being sleepless, restless and feeling social oust to have reduced behavioural issues and increased activity. Overmedicating them can be avoided as well as presence of an OT can be substituted at crucial times Hope and Happiness also welcomes people to come up with issues related to the autism so that the organization can develop products to resolve that issue.

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$ 387


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Business details

We leverage economies of scale and technical expertise to cheaply manufacture high-quality products while employing the financially underprivileged community for the multilevel advantage of the society. The products are designed in-house and sold to organisations all over India. We keep zero profit to ourselves and the a portion of the revenue is used in running basic operations. We also furnish bills on demand to ensure credibility.

Partners and key clients

We are associated with numerous doctors and hospitals and our products have reached 130+ children & the feedbacks we received have been fabulous. We have established good customer base and reputation ( 22+ units ). Our manufacturers now earn approx. 10k per month whereas they earnt only 3k per month earlier, thus improving their standard of living

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