Year 2012
Company type For-profit
Sector Energy,Water
Region of operation Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh
Headquarters address 74 Wheeler Rd, Suite 402, Cox Town. Bangalore Country: India Zip: 560005
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Target problem People have unmet essential needs while there exist essential technologies to meet these needs. There is an accessibility gap.
Key product / Service Low-cost, Reusable water filter, Irrigation devices
Team size 1-9
Number of beneficiaries 25000
Awards and recognition
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree Social Entrepreneurship category 2015
  • Laureate for Asia-Pacific region
  • Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2014
  • Echoing Green Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs 2013
  • MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Top Prize and Venture Grant 2012
  • Dell Social Innovation Challenge Grand Prize 2012

Funding and Operating Model

Funding round Angel
Total funding raised $ 66000
NameRoundAmount RaisedType of FundingAnnounced OnWeb URL
3rd Creek Investments, Inc. (3CI)2016/01/26http://www.3rdcreek.com/3rd-creek-foundation/2016/1/25/new-impact-investment-with-essmart
Business details Essmart’s model allows the poor themselves to decide what products they need to improve their own lives.It creates a marketplace for these essential goods in their local retail shop.They bring together market solution and existing village-level relationships to improve local businesses and enable technology access for end users.

Essmart’s model has 3 parts: 1. Sales executives demonstrate the product catalogue to local shops and end users through marketing campaigns. 2. A distribution network of villages is created with Essmart-branded section in partner local shops. 3.Training and maintenance services are made available locally. Essmart aims to be the one-stop shop where customers and shopkeepers can come to access a portfolio of products that can improve their lives – and where innovators can come to get their products out to their intended users.Essmart has no competition in terms of operations at a local level.The next step for them is taking their venture to North-West Karnataka.

Partners and key clients 1. Kopernik NGO

2. Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves 3. Local retail stores

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