Name Daana Network
Vision aim to be the online business platform of choice for all businesses in the field of natural and organic farming, covering about ½ million hectares.
Year 2014
Company type For-profit
Sector Agriculture
Region of operation Hyderabad
Headquarters address 71 Huda Heights, Banjara Hills Hyderabad Country: India Zip: 500034
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Target problem "600 million Indians rely on agriculture for their living. Chemical based farming has left them in deep debt, with no control of market forces. It is critical they adopt organic farming for long term sustainability, food security and sovereignty.
We wish to make organic farming profitable for farmers, and make organic food affordable and accessible to all. We provide a highly secure, scalable and cost effective web service that helps
Increase market access by interconnecting members of a large network of trusted organic farmers and buyers. Members directly transact with each other without relying on middlemen to help sell their produce
Reduce costs by conducting transactions in a simple, accurate and efficient manner"
Key product / Service "We leverage managed cloud services to provide simply provisioned business and operational services to small farmers with low computer literacy and financial resources.
These services come with a simple accessible and clear user experience that requires minimal computer or internet literacy. The services require a basic smartphone and can work just as fine on minimal bandwidth networks"
Team size 1-9
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Funding round No funding
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Business details "As of today, there are 35 farmers co-operatives using the service, representing a total of about 3500 farmers, all across South India. The increased efficiency in running their enterprise has resulted in increased productivity and cost savings for these organizations.
In addition Daana has also been used by small retail outlets in Hyderabad that sell organic food and other ecofriendly products. They have found the service very useful in helping run their enterprise in a simple, efficient and extremely cost effective manner.
Daana has, until now, been developed purely as an application of Internet and Communication Technology to the small natural farmer's issues. The response from the existing group of users has been extremely encouraging. The target is to reach to 1000 such groups within the year and indirectly to 100,000 farmers through them, effectively helping more than between 100,000 to 200,000 acres of farmlands to become more efficient and profitable."
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